Who, what, where and other questions answered.

Yes, The RSG is British.


This means, you get the quality you deserve.

You have worked hard for your money.

You've paid your taxes in many different ways.

What's left is yours.

The RSG will supply only the best materials, the best artistic quality goods in the best manner possible.


The sheer luxury items also available at The RSG are of the most luxurious, exclusive quality in the world. Some of the items are worthy of collectable status rather than use. Certainly for Special Occasions.

We are also a business, and use the best banking systems available,. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please contact us with your ideas.


Enjoy your time at The RSG and do not forget to bookmark us.


  • We are a concept of good things

Yes, we like chocolate too,.


From that small concept The RSG was born.


Where to base the shop? The answer was easy - The Isle of Wight is enjoyed by over 60,000 people several week-ends each year (The IOW festival, Bestival, Carnivals, and so on). The owners like it too.


What to sell? Easy - Nice things. Polite things. Fun things - Chocolate, Steampunk, irreverent books, sweets, fully fashioned nylons and scenic pictures. Perfect. for people with taste.

Although a simple concept, The RSG is devoted to three guiding rules:

1. Although everything is FUN, it is also of the Highest Quality

2. Even though everything is new, it is also Good Value for Money

3. The RSG will endevour to supply your personalised requirements on the day you want them.

The Answers

The RSG is a group of independantly owned galleries at

129 The High Street, Ryde PO33 2RJ

on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom

The owners / directors have simple likes - chocolate, sweets, steampunk, nylons and the scenic Isle of Wight.


You can phone the galleries on 01983 612112


Or eMail them at hello@TheRSG.co.uk


Why? We are British - Why Not?


Yes, you CAN buy via the website but we'd rather you visited the galleries as well.

Buying Gallery Items

  1. Each gallery has its own items for sale.
  2. In particular, the Sweet Gallery and the Scenic gallery are often bespoke pieces, and commisioned individually for each customer.
  3. You can buy items in stock via each galleries webpage(s) and email at hello@thersg.co.uk
  4. In most bespoke cases, it is generally advised that you call or visit the galleries before making your purchases

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